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本文摘要:求职信如果你是李华,从报纸上看到中暮年英语培训机构Mid.Senior ESCH面向高中结业生招聘暑期兼职领导员,卖力学员课间服务事项。请凭据下面的广告内容用英语写一份求职信。


求职信如果你是李华,从报纸上看到中暮年英语培训机构Mid.Senior ESCH面向高中结业生招聘暑期兼职领导员,卖力学员课间服务事项。请凭据下面的广告内容用英语写一份求职信。ASSISITANTS WANTEDValuable chances are open for high school graduates who are good at English.Their work is to tend the senior students during the break.Requirements attached:1.Good at English.2.Experienced priority.Contact us by e-mail:Englishtec@163.com.注意:1.漫笔词数100字左右;2.不能使用真实姓名和学校名称;Dear Director:I’d like to apply for the post of assistant which was advertised in the newspaper. I found this position quite appealing to me.I’ve just graduated from high school. Luckily I am good at English and I can speak English fluently. In addition, I have previous experience. During my stay in middle school, I used to be a volunteer and looked after the old people in a nursing home on weekends.In short, I believe my experience and fluent oral English will be a great help for me in doing the work. I’m available for interview at any time. It would be appreciated if I can get your offer.Sincerely,Li Hua。